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Lash & Sass is Calgary’s superior lash studio and training academy





Lash Extensions

At Lash and Sass, individual, or volume lashes are professionally applied one at a time to enhance your natural eyelashes. Lashes are customized depending on targeted look and the condition of your natural lash. We will never compromise the health of your natural lashes. At Lash and Sass only high quality lashes are used with Lash and Sass’ own medical grade adhesive.


Lash Lifts

Lash and Sass also offers an alternative to eyelash extensions! A Lash Lift with tint using the worlds best products results in a natural curl and tint for those who have either had an allergic reaction to lash adhesive, or simply want a natural curl and dark tone to their lashes.


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The Lash and Sass Training Academy is focused on providing the best eyelash extension training and education available in Canada. As professional lash artists, we are excited to pass on our knowledge and outline the highest standards to those that are looking to create the career of their dreams.


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